The Bicycle Fallacy

The Bicycle Fallacy

We all know two things about riding a bike: you can coast and still move forward and once you learn how to do it, you never forget.  Many, maybe even most of us have used those same two truisms to manage our careers.  We’ve coasted from time-to-time in our job or our field or both and we’ve used the same strategies and tactics that worked for us in the past when searching for a new job in the present.

Unfortunately, while those truisms still apply to riding a bicycle, they no longer make sense when managing your career.  As I mentioned in my last post, both the workplace and the job market are undergoing profound and continuous transformation.    That transformation changes the rules of the road for career success.

First, in today’s world of work, the only way to keep your career moving forward is to keep peddling.  Coasting is a sure way to lose your balance in your current job and to lose momentum in a job search.  Why?  Because continuous workplace and job market transformation means we must continuously transform ourselves to keep up.

Second, in today’s job market, the only way to get hired is to use a new bike.  Riding an old two-wheeler when everybody else is on a ten-speed is a sure way to get left behind in the race for a good job.  How do you make the switch?  Learn the best practices for online job search and meld them with those traditional techniques that still work.

A bicycle teaches us some important lessons early in life.  Today, however, those lessons are no longer relevant to the rest of our lives.

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