The Biggest Threat to Job Security

The Biggest Threat to Job Security

What’s the biggest threat to our job security?
Global competition.  Nope.
High tech machines.  Nope.
Greedy Wall Street financiers.  Nope.
Incompetent CEOs.  Nope.

The biggest threat to our job security is a very common human behavior: habit.  We get comfortable doing things the way they have always been done and fall into the rut of doing them that way over and over and over again.

Why is that a threat?  Because while we’re coasting, someone else is peddling.  Furiously.  While we’re doing things the same old way, they’re hard at work thinking up a way to do them better.  And when they do, they make us expendable.

How can we defend ourselves?  We must come to work each day with the conscious goal of trying to find a more efficient or more productive or more timely way of performing our job so that it yields a higher quality or more useful or more customer friendly outcome.

Only such constant improvement will provide real and sustainable job security.  Think of it as “ever-ready bettering.”  .  We must get comfortable with upgrading both ourselves and the contribution we make on-the-job over and over and over again.

Doing that is not only a good defense, however.  Adopting a non-habit forming way of doing our job is also a good offense.  It transforms dull, repetitive work into something interesting and rewarding.  It keeps us safe AND it increases the satisfaction and often the paycheck we bring home from work.

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