The New Career One-Step

The New Career One-Step

I admit it.  I’m a huge fan of Downton Abbey.

In this season’s first episode, one of the characters talks about a new dance craze called the “one-step.”  Apparently, it was wildly popular in 1924.  Ninety years later, I think we need a similar dance step for our careers.

The career one-step simply recognizes that our employment experience will no longer evolve as a slow dance with few movements – three or four jobs that each last 8-12 years.  Rather, most careers will now unfold as a series of many, more frequent steps, each representing a new employment experience.

How often will these individual steps occur?  As I look at the profound changes percolating through the economy, I believe that we are now likely to change jobs every three years or so.

Some of those changes will occur within the same employer.  After all, research shows that employers are now filling half or more of their vacant positions by moving current employees around.  A significant number of other job changes, however, will involve our moving from one employer to another.

Career Activism is the way you make yourself the master of those changes so you don’t become their victim.  You take control of your employment experience to ensure you avoid unexpected changes forced on you by circumstances beyond your control.

How do you acquire such mastery?  You must build, execute and continuously update a plan that identifies where you want to go – the next job that will serve your best interests – and the steps you will take to ensure you achieve that objective at a time and in a way that optimizes your success.  Do that, and you’ll be dancing with the stars.

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