The One Job Only You Can Have

The One Job Only You Can Have

The following job is one-of-a-kind.  It is the only position open to every working person, regardless of their occupation, years of experience, age, or gender.  It pays handsomely, both in the salary and the satisfaction one can earn from it.

The position: Chief Career Officer (CCO)

The CCO is the senior executive of a person’s career.  They determine its direction, substance and ultimate success.  They are responsible for a wide range of activities (listed below), and only those who meet the minimum requirements (also listed below) will be qualified to perform this extraordinarily important role.

1.    Establish achievement, advancement and development goals for your career
2.    Continuously upgrade your expertise in your profession, craft or trade
3.    Develop and maintain an ever expanding network of professional relationships
4.    Add ancillary skills that will enable you to contribute in a wider range of work situations
5.    Plan for and execute transitions in your career so they work to your benefit
6.    Seek to work for high performing organizations and with high performing peers
7.    Pace yourself so that you are always able to do your best work on-the-job
8.    Balance the work you do for yourself with work you do for the benefit of others

1.    You must have invested the time and made the effort to identify your talent (which is not a skill or occupation, but the inherent “capacity for excellence” with which we are all endowed).
2.    You must be committed to the use of your talent on-the-job and accept employment only in those organizations and positions which will enable you to do so.
3.    You must have learned the principles and practices of effective career self-management and be committed to their implementation every single day.

CEOs, COOs, CFOs and the like work for employers.  Only the CCO works for you.  Apply today.

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