The Right to Be Remembered

The Right to Be Remembered

Privacy advocates are fighting for the right to be forgotten on the Web. Online mistakes are visible to everyone, so we need to be sure they won’t live on forever. In today’s workplace, however, we require a different kind of guarantee. We need to preserve our right to be remembered.

It used to be that managing your career was a lot like riding a bicycle. With an occasional pump of the peddles, you could coast for quite awhile and still move forward. Rely on such a leisurely pace today, and you’re likely to suffer a violent crash or what most of us call unemployment.


Because many our employers are now suffering from “employment dementia.” They don’t recognize all of the contributions we’ve made to their success in the past, and they can’t remember what we did for them just the other day. Our track records have faded away, and our contributions have been lost.

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