The Top 100 Job Boards

The Top 100 Job Boards

It’s confusing. There are more than 100,000 job boards now operating on the Web, so it hard to know which are likely to serve you best and which are going to waste your time.

If you’re looking for a new or better job and use the right job boards, you’re likely to connect with the right kinds of opportunities at the right salary level and in the right location for you. And if you’re an employer or staffing firm recruiter and use the right job boards, you’ll find the right candidates with the right skills and experience in the right location for your openings.

The challenge, of course, is knowing which are the right job boards. That’s what WEDDLE’s 2009/10 Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet is all about. This is our 9th edition of the Guide—a track record we’re pretty proud of. But rather than sit on our laurels, we’ve modified the book’s format to make it even more useful. This new design gives you all of the right information to make the right decisions for you.

The 2009/10 Guide has two unique features:

The Top 100—my personal pick of the 100 truly exceptional job boards and career portals on the Web today. Whether you’re a person in transition or someone looking for a better opportunity, whether you’re an employer or a staffing firm recruiter, these sites deliver value you can count on.

But you don’t have to take my word for that. Every one of the Top 100 is described with a full page profile that offers all of the information you need to evaluate the site and determine if it can work for you.
• For active and prospective job seekers, we list such information as the number of jobs on the site, their salary levels, whether the site offers a job agent or a way to protect your confidentiality if you post your resume in its online database and much, much more.
• If you’re an employer or recruiter, the Guide lists such information as the cost to post an ad, the duration and geographic reach of job postings, whether an ad can be linked to your own Web-site, where the site acquires the resumes archived in its resume database and much, much more.

The Best & the Rest—a directory of 10,000+ sites organized by career field, industry and geographic specialization. If you like to do your own research, there’s no more complete or better organized listing of the Web’s job boards and career portals.

We’ve done more than just list the sites, however. We’ve annotated the directory to indicate the best in two categories:
• All of the annual winners of WEDDLE’s User’s Choice Awards. Every year since 2003, we’ve held a public ballot in which job seekers and career activists and employers and recruiters cast their votes for their favorite job boards and career portals. The top 30 vote-getters are that year’s winners.
• My pick of great sites that deserve a look. These job boards and career portals didn’t make it into the Top 100, but they are well designed, well run and deliver value every day. Whether you’re a job seeker or career activist, an employer or recruiter, they are worth a visit.

Regardless of what guide or other resource you use, however, the key to success is to “shop smart” for job boards. Don’t fall back on habit or even what worked the last time you used such a site; do your homework and evaluate all of your options. That upfront investment of time and effort will pay big dividends later when you put the sites to work for you.

And, of course, if you do decide to use WEDDLE’s 2009/10 Guide, we are very grateful for your support. You can learn more about the Guide (and order it) here.

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