The Unbiased Connection to Great Jobs

The Unbiased Connection to Great Jobs

The Unbiased Connection to Great Jobs

For over 15 years, WEDDLE’s has published the leading guidebook to job boards and career portals. WEDDLE’s Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet is considered the Gold Standard for job seekers and career activists. In fact, no less an authority than Dick Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute?, rated the Guide “Highly recommended!”

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The Two Best Ways to Find a Job All in One

Over the years, countless surveys have come to the same conclusion: employers primarily rely on just two methods to recruit new workers. They use job boards and employee referrals. While such information is helpful, however, it also raises two important questions: First, how do you find out which job boards will work best for you, and second, what’s the best way to leverage the power of employee referrals?

There are over 100,000 job boards now operating on the Web. Collectively, they post millions of job openings each and every day. That’s a lot of opportunity, but it can also be more than a little overwhelming. To tap into those openings effectively, therefore, you have to determine which job boards will work best for you.

Most of us know the largest and most famous of those sites – Monster and CareerBuilder. They provide access to job openings in virtually every profession, craft and trade and in every location on the planet. Other sites such as Indeed and Simply Hired aggregate job postings from other sites and then link you back to them for application. And finally, there are tens of thousands of niche sites that specialize in a particular occupation, industry, geographic location or affinity. They range from, a site for all kinds of positions in the retail industry, to, a site that specializes in faculty and administration openings in academia.

All of these sites post job ads, but no one site can connect you with all of the employers posting jobs or to all of the jobs they are posting online. For that reason, you have to use a number of sites to optimize your access to the openings employers are currently trying to fill. I suggest you use an approach I call The 5:1 Method. It looks like this: 2GP + 3N = 1GJ.

The 2GP stands for two general purpose sites. They give you the broadest possible access to job openings in the workplace. These sites could be Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, Simply Hired and LinkedIn or any of the dozens of other sites that post recruitment ads in a wide cross section of career fields, industries and locations.

The 3N stands for three niche or specialized sites. They give you the deepest possible access to job postings in the workplace. Pick one site that specializes in your career field, one that focuses on your industry, and one that serves the geographic area where you live or want to work. These sites can be operated by commercial companies, newspapers and other publications, radio and even some TV stations or by professional societies and associations.

The result – denoted by 1GJ – is one great job. If you pick the right five sites and visit them regularly (or use their job agent to get regular updates), you will dramatically increase your chances of finding the one best opportunity for you.

How can you determine the right sites to use? Check with friends and colleagues to see which sites delivered the best results for them. If you can, talk to a recruiter or hiring manager in your field or industry and get their recommendations. If you’re feeling adventurous, use Goggle, Yahoo! or Bing to do your own research online. And finally, of course, you can tap into the research that’s already been done and published in books and other references, including my own WEDDLE’s Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet.

Doing the Right Thing at the Right Place

Once you’ve found the five best sites for your job search, the next step is to use them effectively. Unfortunately, most job seekers think that you can achieve success with a job board today the same way you did before the Great Recession. You can’t. The continuing slow pace of hiring means that a job posting generates dozens, sometimes hundreds and occasionally even a thousand or more applications. If all you do is hit the Apply button, therefore, the chances are high that you will be lost in the herd, even if you are well qualified for the opening.

What’s the alternative? Practice The Application Two-Step.

Step 1: First, prove that you care enough to invest some time in your application. Never submit a generic resume, but instead, always tailor your resume to the specific requirements of the opening. Second, prove that you can follow directions. Submit your resume exactly as instructed in the job posting. If the ad says to upload it to a form, don’t attach it to an email message. If it says to embed the document in an email message, don’t attach it. Recruiters are typically juggling twenty or more openings at any one time, so they have no time or patience for anyone who colors outside the lines.

Step 2: Since your application will likely be just one of many, immediately begin networking to find one of two kinds of people who have a very specific attribute: They are someone you know or someone with whom you share an affinity (e.g., you both are members of the same professional society or graduated from the same college) and they are an employee of the organization with the opening. Reach out to them and ask if they will walk your resume into the HR Department and refer you to the recruiter who’s working on it. The referral will virtually guarantee that your resume will be reviewed and your candidacy seriously considered.

In today’s job market, the key to success is optimizing what you do and how you do it. You want to maximize your effectiveness while minimizing any inefficiencies in the process. Or, to put it another way, you should use the two best ways to find a job all in one.

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There’s Still Time to Cast Your Ballot

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