This Season of Awards

This Season of Awards

We should give a name to these early months of 2014.  I propose we call them the Season of Awards.  From the Grammys to the Oscars to the Olympics, there’s a veritable groaning board of statues and medals being handed out to the best in their field.

The talents that are being recognized, however, are those expressed by only a miniscule segment of the human species.  Sure, singing and acting and downhill skiing are wonderful demonstrations of talent, but for heaven’s sake, we humans display the very same capacity for excellence in an array of other endeavors that are just as deserving of recognition.

Where are the awards ceremonies for the expression of compassion in hospices and hospitals and local food banks?

For the ability to lead teams in the accomplishment of important objectives in a sea of cubicles or a volunteer organization?

For the ability to communicate complex ideas so that a baby crib can be assembled or a new electronic gadget used effectively?

For the hand-eye coordination and quick reaction reflexes it takes to drive a city bus on its daily rounds or an 18 wheeler across country?

For the patience and empathy of an understanding customer service person or retail sales clerk?

For the quick thinking and courage of flight attendants in an emergency or cops patrolling our city streets?

Huh?  Where are those talents getting their moment in the sunshine?  Where is their Season of Awards?

We humans are an amazingly talented species – it’s a shame we’re so stingy in our celebration of that gift.

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