Tired of Being Dissed? Join the Career Activist Republic

Tired of Being Dissed? Join the Career Activist Republic

Tired of Being Dissed? Join the Career Activist Republic

The Career Activist Republic is a Web-based community that is open to everyone. And free to join.

It’s a rapidly growing group of men and women who are determined to work for themselves while being employed by someone else. They don’t want to be free agents, but believe instead that they are (or can become) “freed agents” – individuals who so good at what they do they have their pick of employers. And when picking employers, they will not tolerate being boxed into mediocrity or being boxed out of fulfilling work. They are career activists.

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  • The Corporate Curtain Comes Down

    Click here. to read Peter Weddle’s no-holds-barred, tell-it-like-it-is blog post on how the U.S. has gone from a land of opportunity to a wilderness of rapacious organizations. From workers who were willing to give their employers the benefit of the doubt to a workforce that now sees the grim reality behind the corporate curtain.

    Putting Innocence Aside

    Recent news reports reveal that publishers have begun to slash the number of new children’s picture books they are releasing each year. While that move will undoubtedly change the nature of early childhood for kids, it also signals a significant shift in the perspective of their parents. Adults are squeezing the innocence out of youth and in the process setting their own innocence aside. And, that development – more even than the stuttering job market – is cutting back on the potential in their future.

    Parents, it seems, now want their youngsters to graduate to text as quickly as possible, so they can get on with the business of preparing for life in our modern economy. Mom and Dad are buying fewer of the books that tell their stories with colored images and visual portraits because they believe that the world doesn’t work that way. And, I guess, in some respects that’s true, but what have those kids lost in the process?

    Unlike with passive pastimes – watching television, for example, or videos on YouTube – it takes creative energy to imagine a story told only or mostly in pictures. When a child “reads” The Cat in the Hat or Good Night Moon, they have to use their imagination to fill in what the words don’t say. They have to create and invent, and in exercising their minds that way, they learn that they have the capacity to dream big, to step beyond the limitations of even their small bodies. And it’s that innocence – that simple belief in their own magic – which is the foundation for what they can (and, hopefully, will) achieve as adults.

    How can that be?

    We live in an age that values reality. We force ourselves to acknowledge limited options. We push ourselves to make hard choices. And, of course, we fixate endless on the tyranny of the bottom line.

    Not the stuff of fairy tales, to be sure. And yet, this is a nation built on innocence. It’s that wondrous acceptance of our own magic which enables us to believe we will, in our lifetime, break down color, gender and other barriers that have existed for centuries. To believe we can find a way to free ourselves from the shackles of gravity and put a man on the moon in a single decade. To believe we have and will continue to triumph over closed and controlled states and offer the rest of the world, the most open, most welcoming, most prosperous and most generous nation on earth.

    So, taking picture books away from kids may hurt them, but it hurts us parents as well. In the present, it reflects a decline in our own innocence, and in the future, it robs new adults of theirs. That loss can’t be measured in dollars and cents. Economist can’t calculate its opportunity cost, and chief financial officers can’t tally up its impact on profits. But, every American knows the heavy toll we pay in dismissing our innocence. They sense it as the loss of the American Dream.

    But innocence lost can also be found. We can reclaim what has been taken from us. We tell our kids stories of dragons and witches, not to have them dwell on what’s frightening, but to imagine what can be overcome. The same is true with what afflicts us today in our adult kingdom.

    The terrible recession, the stuttering recovery, the misery of a seemingly endless job search, the corruption of the universe’s masters, all of that, is a fearful tale. It is one, however, in which we can write the ending. We can decide we are vanquished and doomed to despair, and we will be. Or, we can imagine ourselves rising to the challenge. That won’t make the dragons any smaller, but it will make our resolve, our courage, and our possibility that much greater. If we picture ourselves as dragon slayers, we may be battered and bruised in the contest, but ultimately we will prevail.

    That’s the power and the promise of innocence.

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