Under the (Work) Dome

Under the (Work) Dome

Under the Dome, the new series on CBS, describes what happens to the citizens of a small town that suddenly finds itself cut off from the rest of the world.

The show is a drama about the impact of isolation and disconnectedness.  It’s also an apt metaphor for what many people experience on-the-job these days.

As reported recently, most Americans feel cut off from any sense of purpose or satisfaction in the workplace.  A new Gallup survey found that 70 percent of U.S. employees are disengaged and uninspired at work.

That’s not the entirety of the story, however.  I’ve read the Stephen King book on which the series is based, and the tale is also a metaphor for self-reliance.  The people of that small town – not the government, not the legal system and not the flame throwers on the Web – ultimately free themselves.
You’ll have to read the book or watch the show to learn how they do it, but let’s not miss the greater truth Mr. King has spoken in his story.  If we work (or live) under a dome, it’s up to us to fashion our escape.  In the 21st century world of work, we must be the master of our career – that’s the central tenet of “economic disobedience” laid out in my books – or we will be its victim.

Work Strong,