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Modeled after Pinterest, the newly re-launched offers four channels of information and resources found nowhere else on the Web. The channels are specifically tailored for:

  • Job Seekers
  • Career Activists
  • Employers & Recruiters
  • Employment Site Professionals.

What will you find at There are:

  • Books & Tools for job search and career success
  • An archive of outside-the-box Job Search Tips
  • An Association Directory organized by career field & industry
  • A Career Fitness evaluation that will help you strengthen your credentials
  • And much, much more!

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The 2013 Happy Job Search List

Wish lists are big this time of year, not only among kids and parents, but among employers, as well. Organizations are looking ahead to 2014 and hoping they’ll find just the right kind of talent to meet or exceed their business goals. Knowing what’s on those wish lists, therefore, is a critical component of any successful job search.

Not all employer wish lists are the same, of course, but as with kids, there are certain “must haves” that appear on almost every organization’s list. What are this year’s favorites? Well, there are a number of old standbys and a couple of new additions that are sure to put a big smile on just about any recruiter’s face. And, here’s the top five on this year’s Happy Job Search List.

1. State-of-the-art knowledge and skills.

Employers are no longer competing against cheaper labor, but against smarter labor throughout the global marketplace. How can you wrap yourself up as smarter job seeker? Enroll in an academic program or certification-granting training course in your field and add that ongoing education to your resume. Prove to employers that you see yourself as a “work-in-progress,” not someone whose expiration date has passed.

2. The ability to contribute to the organization’s success.

Employers no longer need people who can do the work; they need those who will excel at it. How can you put a bow on your ability to make such a contribution? Help others be successful in their jobs. Find one or two blogs, discussion forums or other online venues where you can share your expertise with others in your field and then contribute regularly. Those you assist just might turn out to be people who are looking for great coworkers to refer to their employer.

3. A flexible approach to work and employment.

Change is the new norm in business, so employers’ workplace needs are constantly in flux. How can you avoid being seen as someone who’s stuck in a rigid box? Do your homework on the strategies being used in your field to reduce costs and improve productivity (e.g., telecommuting, virtual organizations) and make the effort to get yourself (and your family) comfortable with them. Then, signal that flexibility on your resume.

4. The capacity to work in a wide range of situations and circumstances.

In these days of lean staffing, employers need multidisciplinary workers who can perform competently in different assignments. How can you celebrate your good will toward organizations that make such adjustments? Acquire ancillary skills (e.g., the ability to speak a second language, knowledge of new software programs) that enable you to pinch-hit for another employee or excel at more than one job and promote that capability to employers.

5. The dedication and competence to bring originality and creativity to your work.

Employers know that what wins in today’s competitive economy is innovation in product or service design, development, sales and marketing, delivery, execution and support. How can you prove you’re not regifting the same,old capabilities that have always been used in your field, but instead bring an original spark to the job? Create a “smart resume” which highlights both your quantitative accomplishments and your imagination – the ingenuity you use to achieve them.

Employers know that they’re unlikely to get everything on their wish list when recruiting for their openings. However, the more of those gifts you offer in your job search, the more likely it is an employer will grant you your wish and offer you a great job.

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Give the Gift of Job Search & Career Success

There’s plenty of free job search and career advice on the Web. Unfortunately, an awful lot of that information is incomplete (a short article here, a blog post there), out-of-date (posted before the Great Recession changed everything) or just plain wrong.

So, if you’re looking for a special gift that will actually help someone in today’s tough job market and workplace, give them something they can actually use to get ahead – give them the gift of a WEDDLE’s book.

A Multitude of Hope: A Novel About Rediscovering the American Dream. This modern-day epic traces the journeys of three out-of-work professionals searching for answers in today’s seemingly nonsensical job market. Along the way, they discover the secret to “career security” and the pathway to real and lasting success.

The Career Fitness Workbook. This book introduces a complete regimen of activities that will help you successfully compete for and hang onto the job of your dreams. Think of it as “the habits of highly effective career activists.”

The Career Activist Republic. This blockbuster of a book provides a provocative yet positive assessment of the changing world of work in the American economy and describes an innovative strategy that will enable you to avoid the pitfalls and capture the opportunities in this new environment.

The Success Matrix: Wisdom from the Web on How to Get Hired and Not Be Fired. This anthology collects the best of Peter Weddle’s columns on job search and career success. It is the only book you’ll find that provides a candid and totally up-to-date look at how to get and stay ahead in today’s workplace.

Recognizing Richard Rabbit. This fable for adults will entertain and delight you and help you out of the boxes that keep you from becoming the champion inside you. It is a novel and engaging way to recognize the talented person you are meant to be.

WEDDLE’s Job Alert

For over 15 years, WEDDLE’s has published the leading guidebook to job boards and career portals. WEDDLE’s Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet is considered the Gold Standard for job seekers and career activists. In fact, no less an authority than Dick Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute?, rated the Guide “Highly recommended!”

Now, you can sign up for WEDDLE’s Job Alert and get your very own, private connection to some of the best career advancement opportunities on the Web.

This no-cost resource scours the job postings at leading job boards and career portals and connects you with those that match your capabilities and aspirations. It’s the easiest way possible to find your Dream Job.

WEDDLE’s New Guide Now at Amazon

The eleventh edition of WEDDLE’s Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet – the book the American Staffing Association called the “Zagat” of the online employment services field – is now available at

This edition is completely updated, so if you have the 2011/12 Guide or an even earlier edition, you need this all-new classic right now!

The book features:

  • The Top 100 – WEDDLE’s pick of the 100 best employment sites on the Web. Each site is described with a full-page description of its features, services and fees.
  • The Best & the Rest – A directory of over 9,000 sites organized by career field, industry, geographic focus and other factors. It’s the most complete guide to the Web’s job search resources, period.

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