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Visit the Facebook Page of The Career Activist Republic

Visit the Facebook Page of The Career Activist Republic

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  • The Punishing Power of Parity

    Sports enthusiasts know the term well. “Parity” describes a situation in which opposing teams have relatively equal capabilities. When it occurs, no team – not even the previous year’s champion – has a competitive advantage. Victory is determined by hard-to-predict intangibles. On the playing field and in the global marketplace.

    When sports teams are at parity, talent no longer sets the outcome of the game. That may make for more entertaining viewing by the fans, but it’s very tough on the teams. In essence, they no longer control their destiny. Winning isn’t based on the skills of the players, but on such factors as the environment – whether it’s snowing and below zero or sunny and warm – and luck – which players are injured and how badly.

    The same is true of corporate competitors. When there is parity among workers’ skills, no company can dominate the marketplace. Instead, victory depends on such intangibles as cost – who will work for less – and luck – which government sets the best commercial policy. And, that’s precisely the situation that now exists in the global economy.

    Companies in China, Japan, Germany and Brazil have brought the talent of their teams up to the level of America’s workers. Today, the manufacturing, mechanical, programming, accounting, customer service and other skills in those companies are every bit as good as (and, in some cases, better than) the skills of our workers here in the U.S. of A.. To put it bluntly, we’ve lost our competitive edge.

    That message is tough to accept when you’ve spent your entire career in a global economy dominated by American companies and their employees. Nevertheless, it’s true. We haven’t gotten worse; the competition has gotten better. As a consequence, we and the rest of the world are now at parity.

    So, what’s to be done?

    Well, basically, we have only two choices: We can hope that fickle finger of fate treats us kindly or we can take matters into our own hands.

    Self-Reliance as a Self-Preservation Strategy

    America’s corporate employers have already made their choice. They’ve decided to set their own destiny. They are determined to break out of the shackles of parity by recruiting more of the top talent in the workforce. In fact, as they see it, they are now in a War for Talent, where the winners will be those organizations that acquire an unfair share of the highest performing employees.

    How should you respond?

    Take matters into your own hands and take advantage of this extraordinary pent up demand for talent. Make self-reliance your self-preservation strategy.

  • Whether you’ve always been a top performer or done just enough to get by, remake yourself into a “worker in progress.” Build continuous self-improvement into your normal business day.
  • and

  • Whether you’re looking for a new job or starting the move to a better one, make personal development an integral part of your strategy. Take proactive steps to upgrade, expand, refine and reinvigorate your skill set and get started right away.
  • Why go to all that trouble?

    Because rising above the common denominator of parity is the only way to ensure employment in the 21st Century world of work. Cheap labor can’t win when the alternative is better talent.

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    The Importance, Absence and Tragedy of Talent

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    Take Back the American Dream

    Is your hope fading? Are you worn out and frustrated by a seeming interminable job search? Or by an employer that treats you like a disposable widget?

    Then, stand up for yourself. Join The Career Activist Republic. That’s the title of Peter Weddle’s new blockbuster of a book now available at Amazon, at, and in bookstores nationwide. It shows you how to take charge of your career so you don’t become its victim.

    The Career Activist Republic is based on three startling ideas:

  • Every human being is a person of talent-they are endowed with a capacity for excellence which enables them to accomplish extraordinary feats at work.
  • In today’s turbulent global marketplace, employers are no longer hiring even perfectly qualified candidates-what they want, what they need to employ is talent.
  • That desperate need positions every American to work for him or herself while being employed by someone else-to create the kind of security they can actually count on even in difficult times.
  • The Career Activist Republic will reaffirm your faith in the American Dream and give you the tools to construct it for yourself.

    There’s no lack of bad news these days, so give yourself some good news.

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