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Visit the Facebook Page of The Career Activist Republic

Visit the Facebook Page of The Career Activist Republic

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  • Taking the Me Out of Mediocrity

    Mediocrity is understandably a touchy subject. Nobody thinks they are a middling performer. In fact, according to surveys, most of us believe we do a pretty good job at work. And, that may be true. The real issue, therefore, isn’t whether we’re doing a good job, but whether our good job is good enough to compete in the global marketplace.

    The evidence would suggest that it’s not. We’ve seen entire industries collapse and countless jobs move offshore. Cheap labor is partially responsible, to be sure, but so too is the caliber of our work. The good job we’re doing is now less competitive than it once was. Others are matching what we do on-the-job and they’re delivering that output at a lower wage.

    There are, of course, all kinds of reasons why this is happening. All too frequently, for example, our employers don’t make it easy to excel on-the-job. They hire supervisors with the leadership skills of a brick. And, they introduce processes only a contortionist could love.

    Those handicaps are real, but they don’t change the essential nature of our challenge. We are in an economic battle that is more serious than any other we have ever faced. We’re fighting to save our standard of living, and every other country on the planet (including those that are our allies) is waging the same war. They want to replace the American Dream with the Chinese Dream, the Indian Dream, the Brazilian Dream and the German Dream.

    So, the question we have to ask ourselves is this: Does our good job represent the absolute best job we can do?

    Generally speaking, most of us would probably answer that question in the affirmative. Sure, we all know those who haven’t lived up to the standard. There are slackers in the workforce and, truth be told, all of us have probably cut a corner or two on occasion. By and large, however, most Americans have gone and continue to go to work each day and strive to do everything that’s asked of them.

    And that’s what has changed. We now have to do more.

    Putting Me Someplace Other Than in Mediocrity

    We Americans have always done whatever it took to compete and win in the global economy. As a nation and as individuals, we set the bar everyone else tried to reach. We established the definition of superior performance and delivered it on-the-job. Consciously or otherwise, we realized that working at such a level was the only way we could preserve and protect our standard of living and we were determined to do so.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the world watched and learned. They have taught themselves to imitate our standard. Not to flatter us, but to become our equals on-the-job. Our good job has become theirs, as well. And, in a highly competitive global marketplace, that equality of performance changes everything. It means that what was once superior is now simply mediocre. Everyone is doing it.

    So, what can we do? Well, if everyone else around the world is now working up to our old standard, we will have to adopt a new one in order to prevail. In some cases, that may mean working harder than we have ever worked before. In others, it may involve injecting more creativity and innovation into what we do on-the-job and how we do it. But, in every instance and for every person, it will require that we commit ourselves to a new benchmark of excellence. We must take the Me out of mediocrity and put it back into supreme.

    Now, some will say that such a notion is hyperbolic, that this radical redefinition of excellence simply isn’t needed. But, it’s hard to see how they can be right. A majority of Americans are now worried about the future (and even the present) of the American Dream. And if we truly believe in that dream, shouldn’t we be willing to make any effort, accept any sacrifice, endure any hardship to save it?

    Yes, it will try men’s and women’s souls to face up to this challenge. Undoubtedly, it will demand more from us that we are accustomed to or even comfortable giving at work. But, the simple truth is that we must. The American Dream is what makes our nation exceptional. Each of us, therefore, has a stake in defining the standard for our era – what constitutes supreme – and now is the moment we must do so.

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