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July 25, 2016

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WEDDLE’s CareerFitness Newsletter: July Edition

Welcome to Peter Weddle’s CareerFitness Newsletter.  We hope you find it interesting and useful, whether you’re looking for a new job or a better one.

The secret to success in today’s unpredictable world of work is developing a strong, resilient and dependable career.  And Career Fitness is the single best way to achieve that goal.

So, take advantage of the information and resources that follow, but don’t keep the secret to yourself.  Tell your friends and colleagues about the newsletter and  They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness, and we will too!

CareerFitness: Optimize Your Resumes

No, that’s not a typo.  You don’t have a single resume.  You have many.  In fact, the key to landing a great job is to have a unique and tailored resume for each job to which you apply.  That’s the first of two-part tip that will optimize your resumes for success.

Part 1

Smart job seekers don’t waste their time shotgunning out the same resume to dozens of different jobs.  Just as no one wants to be treated as a cookie cutter applicant, no organization worth working for – whether it’s a global conglomerate, a college or university or a local cookie shop – wants to be thought of as a cookie cutter employer.  Yet, that’s exactly the impression a job seeker gives them when they apply with what is clearly a generic resume.

So, what happens to such documents?  They’re ignored.  And, so are the people who sent them.  They have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting a job offer.

The first tip for optimizing your resumes, therefore, is to tailor that document to the specific requirements stated in each (and every) job posting to which you respond.  What does tailoring mean?  Organizations have different cultures, values, goals and expectations, so jobs in those organizations – even jobs with the exact same title – almost always emphasize different aspects of the work.

One employer, for example, might focus on the need for teamwork and several years of experience in performing a job, while another might emphasize the ability to work alone and produce quantifiable results for the very same kind of position.  A tailored resume will reflect those differences in the presentation of a job seeker’s skills, experience and accomplishments.

Part 2

The English language has many different ways to convey the exact same information.  There is no standard definition of the tasks involved in a sales job, an engineering job, a teaching job or even a C++ programmer job.  As a consequence, each job description is unique in the way it articulates what work must be done, how it is to be accomplished and with what outcomes.

Now, for most job seekers, that means they describe their experience and accomplishments using the vocabulary and phrasing that are most familiar to them.  And, that’s a problem for two reasons.
•    First, when resumes are received, many employers now store them in computer databases that are searched by recruiters to identify potentially qualified applicants.  If a recruiter conducts that search using a set of words that are different from those on a job seeker’s resume, that job seeker will be ignored by the computer, even if they are qualified for the job.
•    Second, people best recognize important information when it is expressed in language they understand and are comfortable with.  Moreover, recruiters are often not experts in the career fields for which they recruit; they evaluate applicants for even highly skilled positions, but they themselves have not worked in such jobs.  For that reason, they rely on the vocabulary of the hiring manager to determine if an applicant is qualified for a specific opening.

Therefore, the second of this two-part tip for optimizing your resumes is to tailor each version using the language that appears in the employer’s job posting.  You must have the skills and experience you’re describing, of course, but if you do, present those qualifications with the vocabulary and phrasing the recruiter and hiring manager will recognize and understand.

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Career Fitness: The Book

Are you frustrated by the hundreds of job search and career building techniques you’ve read and heard about?  For many of us, all those options can be totally overwhelming.  How do you know which are the most effective?  And what’s the best way to perform them?  And how often should you use them to find a great new job or a better one?

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Get the Advice That Works

There’s plenty of free job search and career advice on the Web.  But, if that’s all it takes to be successful, we wouldn’t still have so many folks finding it so hard to get reemployed and so unhappy at work once they are.

The reality is that too much of what you find online is incomplete (a short article here, a blog post there), out-of-date (posted before the Great Recession changed everything) or just plain wrong.  So, if you’re looking for strategies and tips, tactics and techniques that will actually work in today’s tough economy, make an investment in yourself.  Get one or more of the books below:

A Multitude of Hope: A Novel About Rediscovering the American Dream.  This modern-day epic traces the journeys of three out-of-work professionals searching for answers in today’s seemingly nonsensical job market.  Along the way, they discover the secret to “career security” and the pathway to real and lasting success.

The Career Activist Republic.  This blockbuster of a book provides a provocative yet positive assessment of the changing world of work in the American economy and describes an innovative strategy that will enable you to avoid the pitfalls and capture the opportunities in this new environment.

The Success Matrix: Wisdom from the Web on How to Get Hired and Not Be Fired.  This anthology collects the best of Peter Weddle’s columns on job search and career success.  It is the only book you’ll find that provides a candid and totally up-to-date look at how to get and stay ahead in today’s workplace.

Recognizing Richard Rabbit.  This fable for adults will entertain and delight you and help you leap out of the boxes that keep you from becoming the champion inside you.  It is a novel and engaging way to recognize the talented person you are meant to be.