WEDDLE’s New Guide Now at Amazon

WEDDLE’s New Guide Now at Amazon

WEDDLE’s New Guide Now at Amazon

The eleventh edition of WEDDLE’s Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet – the book the American Staffing Association called the “Zagat” of the online employment services field – is now available at

This edition is completely updated, so if you have the 2011/12 Guide or an even earlier edition, you need this all-new classic right now!

The book features:

  • The Top 100 – WEDDLE’s pick of the 100 best employment sites on the Web. Each site is described with a full-page description of its features, services and fees.
  • The Best & the Rest – A directory of over 9,000 sites organized by career field, industry, geographic focus and other factors. It’s the most complete guide to the Web’s job search resources, period.
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    By now, you’ve probably heard of (or even seen) the Syfy channel’s kitschy summer blockbuster, Sharknado. The movie depicts a freak weather event that causes man-eating sharks to fall from the sky all over Las Angeles. While that situation begs incredulity, however, it is possible to imagine a jobnado – an environmental pattern in which jobs rain down on you.

    What would cause such a hurricane of job offers to form? Your acquiring a set of personal characteristics that responds to the most critical non-occupation-specific needs among employers today. These are attributes which enable you to perform at a higher level and make a greater contribution, regardless of your profession, craft or trade. The more of them you have, the great the deluge of jobs you’ll experience.

    These attributes will only create a jobnado, however, if they ride on a jet stream of competency. In other words, the only way they can become a perfect storm of employment opportunity is if you add them to a skill set in your field of work that is up-to-date and well-honed. In fact, if you’re not at the state-of-the-art in your occupation and able to deliver that capability on-the-job, you’re more likely to experience a “jobought” – a job drought – than a jobnado.

    So first, make sure you’re more than just a lot of hot air in your occupational field. Then, you can turn your attention to acquiring the other attributes that will produce your jobnado. What are those attributes? They are the ancillary skills that survey after survey confirms are in short supply among others in the workforce and highly valued by employers.

    These skills are in demand for several reasons.

  • First, they reinforce your primary skill set so you can do your best work on-the-job and can help your coworkers do their best work, as well.
  • Second, they help you understand how to apply your primary skill set so as to optimize its contribution to your employer.
  • And third, they enable an employer to apply your primary skill set in a wider range of work situations and circumstances.
  • Creating the Environment for a Perfect Storm

    Put 100 CEOs in a room and ask them which attributes they most need to ensure their organization’s success in today’s highly competitive global marketplace, and 99 of them will mention one or more of four specific capabilities. That doesn’t mean they are the totality of valuable ancillary skills, just that they are perceived to be both necessary and in critically short supply. It’s that imbalance which creates the jobnado. Demand is high, supply is low and the result is a whirlwind of interest from employers.

    The four ancillary skills most in demand by employers today are:


    Because research shows that most employees join an organization for its opportunities, culture and values, but leave their boss for his or her ineptitude, lack of empathy and/or biased behavior. There’s a leadership vacuum in the ranks of corporate middle management.

    Business Literacy

    Because understanding how business works is the only way you can determine how your work can best contribute to your employer. Most people today lack of even a basic knowledge of what organizations must do to achieve financial security and success.

    Business Writing

    Because too many good ideas are overlooked because their originators can’t describe them clearly and persuasively. Written communications are the lingua franca of decision-making in business, yet many even well educated people are functionally illiterate writers.

    A Second Language

    Because the world is now a global marketplace so local as well as national employers need workers who can communicate in both English and another language. Consumers now speak an array of languages, yet very few workers are bilingual.

    There are now over 3 million open jobs advertised on the Internet and many more openings that aren’t being advertised at all. If you want to be deluged with the best of those opportunities for you – if you want to experience a jobnado – first make sure your primary skill set is strong and then add one or more ancillary skills to your qualifications and resume.

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