WEDDLE’s New Guide Now at Amazon

WEDDLE’s New Guide Now at Amazon

WEDDLE’s New Guide Now at Amazon

The eleventh edition of WEDDLE’s Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet – the book the American Staffing Association called the “Zagat” of the online employment services field – is now available at

This edition is completely updated, so if you have the 2011/12 Guide or an even earlier edition, you need this all-new classic right now!

The book features:

  • The Top 100 – WEDDLE’s pick of the 100 best employment sites on the Web. Each site is described with a full-page description of its features, services and fees.
  • The Best & the Rest – A directory of over 9,000 sites organized by career field, industry, geographic focus and other factors. It’s the most complete guide to the Web’s job search resources, period.
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    Run from the Undead Employers

    As depicted in the new movie World War Z, a common scene in a vampire movie these days is to have the hero or heroine -and preferably both – run from a ravenous horde of the undead. It’s a behavior we would do well to copy in the job market.

    Today’s job market is infested with a horde of undead organizations best described as unemployers. These entities are inhuman employers that prey on workers. They achieve success by sucking the life out of those they employ. They often make a lot of money (especially for their investors and CEOs), but consume their employees to do so.

    Unemployers are like vampires. They lurk among the general population of good, decent employers, posing as their peers on well dressed corporate career sites. They post pretty pictures of their facilities and hide the fact that they’re in financial trouble and planning for layoffs. They make grand proclamations about providing the resources you need to be successful on-the-job, and then renege or scrimp on that support.

    Unemployers sink their teeth into you and count on the lousy job market to hold you in place. So, what happens? You plod along in an abusive culture that drains you of your ability and your motivation to excel. You lose the pride you used to take in your work and the sense of satisfaction you earned from doing it. When you work for an unemployer, you are so debased you become a shrunken version of yourself and can no longer achieve career success.

    Protecting Yourself

    The only way to protect yourself from unemployers is to run away from them and to the safety of supportive, respectful organizations. There are millions of such employers out there, but to work for them, you first have to avoid falling prey to the bad ones.

    How do you accomplish that? You have to learn how to spot an unemployer.

    Don’t look at their corporate career site; look instead at their recruiting process. You can get a good sense of how they will treat you as an employee by evaluating how they treat you as a candidate. That’s where they give themselves away.

    So, here are the five tell-tale signs of an unemployer:

  • They subject you to the resume black hole, responding only with the sound of silence when you submit an application. (Be careful, however, that you don’t miss the messages sent by good employers because they’re caught in your spam filter.)
  • They conduct a telephone prescreen that leaves you unsure whether you were dealing with a human or with a recruiter who can’t be bothered to act like one.
  • The receptionist who greets you when you arrive for a face-to-face interview acts as if you’re interfering with their life or they’re too bored to have one.
  • The hiring manager who interviews you is so unprepared or inept at conversation that you wonder how they became a leader in the organization or were even seen as one.
  • And, the follow-up after the interview is nonexistent or so generic that you wonder if you met with a single real person or just employees masquerading as one.
  • What should you do when you’re confronted with these signs of the undead among employers? Treat them as your exit sign. Don’t invest another minute of your job search following up with, doing more research on, or looking for connections with such organizations. They suck the life out of humans, and you deserve a more life and career affirming experience.

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    WEDDLE’s Job Alert

    For over 15 years, WEDDLE’s has published the leading guidebook to job boards and career portals. WEDDLE’s Guide to Employment Sites on the Internet is considered the Gold Standard for job seekers and career activists. In fact, no less an authority than Dick Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute?, rated the Guide “Highly recommended!”

    Now, you can sign up for WEDDLE’s Job Alert and get your very own, private connection to some of the best career advancement opportunities on the Web.

    This no-cost resource scours the job postings at leading job boards and career portals and connects you with those that match your capabilities and aspirations. It’s the easiest way possible to find your Dream Job.

    The Career Fitness Workbook

    Is the job market kicking sand in your face? Are you being pushed around by disrespectful employers?

    If either is the case, you need The Career Fitness Workbook. It has a number of special features:

  • Organized just like a physical fitness regimen, the book tells you what to do to improve the health of your career, how to do it and – unique to the Career Fitness program – how often in order to maximize the employment benefits you derive from your efforts.
  • From online networking to high impact resumes, the book introduces a powerful blend of the best traditional practices and state-of-the-art techniques for effective job search and career self-management in today’s uncertain times.
  • Filled with worksheets and exercises, the book is a complete self-study program that delivers the knowledge and skills required for BOTH job search and career success, whether you have 25 years or 25 minutes of experience in the workplace.
  • The Career Fitness Workbook is available at So, don’t delay! Get your copy today.

    You Pick the Winners

    Even the best of employers can no longer afford to provide a 30-year career ladder and a gold watch. So, where can you go to find the support and resources you need to guide your career effectively?

    A growing number of working people are turning to job boards. Many of these sites have transformed themselves from a simple classified advertising platform into a fully featured “careerstead” or homestead for your career.

    Every year, we at WEDDLE’s try to help folks find the best of these sites by holding the User’s Choice Awards. They are the only awards in the online employment services industry in which actual users – job seekers, career activists, employers and recruiters – get to pick the winners.

    So, let your voice be heard. The ballot necessarily lists only a small subset of the 100,000+ job boards and careersteads now operating on the Web. You can pick some of them and/or nominate others … but the choice is yours.

    Please click here and cast your vote today.