Why Are Smart People So Dumb

Why Are Smart People So Dumb

In case you missed it, PayPal has joined with the SETI Institute to form PayPal Galactic.  Its mission?  To boldly go where no other vendor has gone before – figuring out how to pay for martinis on Mars.

Now, I’m all for such innovative forays into the future of humankind; that’s been the lifeblood of this country.

But, here’s how the venture has been described;

“PayPal Galactic plans to bring top leaders in space, science, and commerce to talk about the infinite possibilities …”

It’s the typical cast of characters, and they’ll likely come up with a good idea.  And in 2050, they’ll be screaming they don’t have the talent to implement their shiny new product.

Why are smart people so dumb?

Where’s the human capital expert who can help them figure out the skills and knowledge required to design, develop, produce and sell their product?

These days, that challenge is every bit as great as the bits and bytes of the product, itself, yet we’re still using a 1950s perspective in workforce development.  Business leaders strategize as if we had all the talent we need, when it’s clear exactly the opposite is true.

So, here’s my unsolicited advice for PayPal: either rename the company PayMachine or pay more attention to the People who will make or break your venture.

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