Without the Preparation They Need & Deserve

Without the Preparation They Need & Deserve

Graduate Prospects, a U.K.-based “provider of information, advice and opportunities to students and graduates” conducted a survey recently which found that 18 percent of this population is “unsure how to progress” in their careers.  In other words, fewer than one-out-of-five new graduates believe they lack the knowledge and skills to advance in their field.  For most of the other 82 percent, unfortunately, it’s a case of “they don’t know what they don’t know.”

For the last 75 years or more, colleges and universities have been graduating “career idiot savants.”  They teach their students a whole lot about this field of study or that, but absolutely nothing about how to pursue a career in that field.  Despite the rich resources available at most college career centers, these institutions do little or nothing more than help students write a resume and interview for a job.

Why?  Because the faculty at most colleges and universities doesn’t consider the skills and knowledge of career self-management to be rigorous enough for inclusion in the curriculum.  Contrast that with the situation in China.  There, every student must pass a year-long, credit-granting course on that subject as a requirement of graduation.

Historically, this chasm-like hole in the content of higher education didn’t matter much because employers provided career guidance and support for their workers.  Today, they don’t.  As a consequence, newly graduated workers and their older siblings and even their parents must now fend for themselves without the grounding in career self-management they need and deserve … and do so in a workplace undergoing radical transformation.

If you want to know why learning the principles and practices of Career Activism and Career Fitness is important, that’s it.

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