Your Brain is More Than a Meat Computer

Your Brain is More Than a Meat Computer

Michio Kaku has been described as a “popular scientist.”  It’s a term used for really smart people who can talk about esoteric subjects in a way everybody else can understand.  His latest book, The Future of the Mind, takes us into the inner workings of the brain – an exhilarating frontier that is only now beginning to yield some of its secrets.

For example, Kaku prophesizes that what we are now learning about the “connectome” – the geography of the neural connections in our brain – will revolutionize how we see ourselves and our species.  This effort to map the pathways of our thoughts, he asserts, may someday enable us to upload our entire brain to a computer, so it can do our thinking for us.  Not my idea of a happy development.

Anyway, there are those who critique Kaku’s view of the brain as a “computer made of meat.”  They argue that the brain is actually composed of what we can see and measure – those neural connections – and what we can’t – what we usually describe as “the mind.”  It is the mind which captures the experience of being, enabling us to be more than simply human – a body – but to be, instead, a human being – a body that senses life and a spirit that appreciates it.

Most than most people, Career Activists are aware of this experiential aspect of our species.  In fact, we believe human beings are able to experience not one, but two beneficial states in our lives.  The first is joy – an emotional state that we achieve from the relationships we build with our family and friends.  The second is happiness – a cognitive state that is derived from being the best we can be in a challenge we find meaningful and fulfilling.

Career Activists also know that the single best venue for achieving happiness is the workplace.  It is the one sphere of activity where there are genuine opportunities to express our capacity for excellence – our talent – in endeavors that have measurable and vital outcomes.  Yes, work requires that we use our brain, but equally as important, it gives us a chance to touch the magic of our minds.

Career Activists are determined, therefore, to wring every last drop of happiness out of their work.  And, the only way to do that, they know, is by giving their career conscious and careful leadership.  They don’t rely on their employer or on the fickle hand of fate to show them the way, they make it their job to go to work with more than a meat computer.

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